• Where is U3A Sunshine Coast located?

    Our Office and 2 lecture rooms are on the ground floor, Building B, University of the Sunshine Coast, 90 Sippy Downs Drive, Sippy Downs.

    Campus MAP:  CLICK HERE

  • How do I join U3A Sunshine Coast?

    You can apply with a simple online form, and choose to pay online immediately or later by other means, e.g. Call or visit the U3A Office for assistance. Select JOIN/ENROL/RENEW on our U3A home page and it will take you to our membership database.

    There is a low annual fee of $40 which covers administration costs including insurance. Plus $10 for a name badge which can be ordered through the U3A Office.

    Existing members can also renew their membership online.

  • What are the Office hours for U3A SC?

    Office Hours are 9.00am to 12 noon, Monday to Friday.

  • How do I order a new or replacement Name Badge?

    Call the U3A Office and give your details to an office volunteer so they can fill in a badge form for you, then give your credit card details so you can pay by EFTPOS. Or, call in at the office yourself, fill in a form and pay in person.

    It takes about 2 weeks to process, order and receive the badge by mail.

  • How do I find what courses are on?

    Details of courses are all easily searchable online. Select JOIN/ENROL/RENEW and then View Courses.

  • How are the Courses Run?

    Tutors and class convenors are members who give their time voluntarily. All courses are run in various areas on the Sunshine Coast. Venues are shown in the course details.

  • When are Courses run?

    Unless otherwise stated, all courses start during the first week of the term. Our term dates are on the home page on our website. When you attend a course, please wear your name badge and check with the Tutor you are enrolled on their computer generated attendance sheet.

  • How do I enrol in a Course?

    You can apply to join a Course online as follows:

    1. Login in the membership database with your membership number and password and go to View Courses.
    2. Search for the course you wish to join (Select the category or All courses)
    3. Select the course, read Course and Tutor details and then select Confirm Selection
    4. Pay the Invoice (if there is a venue fee) either by entering your credit/debit card or contact the office to pay by
      cheque, cash or Eftpos.
    5. Your details are then sent to the Tutor of the Course and a confirmation is sent to you by email
  • What if the Course is Full?

    If the class is full and you are very interested in that subject, it may be worthwhile contacting the Tutor and you will be waitlisted and advised as the waitlist is cleared.

  • What if I have not paid my membership fee yet?

    If your membership is current for Last year, you are allowed to enrol but are reminded you will need to renew your membership if you wish to attend any courses.

  • How do I leave a class?

    You let the Tutor know that you will not be attending again and they will Delete you from the Course.

  • Why is my attendance at each Course recorded on an Attendance Sheet?

    Persons present at a U3A Sunshine Coast course, whether tutor or students, whose attendance is not shown on the attendance sheet may have difficulty in making a claim in respect of any injury they might suffer by attending that course. That is why the Management Committee is insistent on the Course attendance sheets being filled out for every course it conducts as part of its duty of care to the U3A Sunshine Coast membership.

  • Why are some courses in the Class Schedule already fully booked?

    We publish all courses that are offered, irrespective of whether they are full for the coming term. A common reason for a course being full is that members who could not be accommodated in the last term were placed on the waiting list for this term by the Tutor or, it could be a continuing course that follows on from the previous term, e.g. a Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced, Course. This is unfortunate but our supply of tutors is not unlimited. We think it best that members are aware of all courses offered, even if they can’t get into some classes for the next term. If you want to attend such a course, we suggest you contact the tutor.

  • I have registered on the website, but the password I received does not work?

    Your login is your membership number or email address and your password is set by the last 4 digits of your telephone number. If you changed your password or if it does work, please select I have forgotten my password at the bottom of the login page.

    Password errors are commonly caused by:

    1. Entering letters with the CAP Lock function ON, or
    2. Entering numbers by using the numeric keypad with NUM Lock function turned OFF
  • Can I change my Password?

    Yes, login and go to Edit Member details, and go down to password and enter your new password twice and then remember or note it and then SAVE.

  • How do I get a paper copy of the Courses?

    Please call the Office, during office hours, and a paper copy can be either emailed or posted to you.

  • How is U3A Sunshine Coast Managed?

    U3A Sunshine Coast is a totally voluntary organisation, including all the office workers. The Management Committee is elected annually, and operates under a Constitution which is designed to meet the requirements of U3A.

  • How do I become a Volunteer Tutor?

    Tutors are very important to us and would not exist without them. If you have been thinking of becoming a Tutor or starting a discussion group, please see our Tutor Information Page http://u3asunshine.org.au/www/info-for-tutors/ or, contact our Secretary, secretary@nullu3asunshine.org.au

  • How do I become a Volunteer for the U3A Office?

    Please contact our Office Manager, by emailing the office u3ascu@nullusc.edu.au

  • How do I become a Volunteer for Special Events?

    Please contact our Office u3ascu@nullusc.edu.au saying you wish to become a volunteer for special events

  • How do I say “Thank You” to U3A Sunshine Coast for their support and encourage them to continue?

    You can email or write to The Secretary with your comments.

    Any comments and support will be greatly appreciated.

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