U3A Sunshine Coast Inc. has separate Insurance policies:

1. Association Liability – limit $5 million, covering the following ..

  • Association Liability Insurance to protect the organisation against the threat of litigation.
  • Directors/office-bearers, management or committee members (including spouses);
  • Professional indemnity insurance covers tutors for claims relating to breaches in professional duty;( not sports tutors)
  • Policy extensions include Occupational Health and Safety, Defamation, Fidelity ( loss of funds) Fraud and Dishonesty, and loss of Documents.

2. Volunteers Accident Insurance: this is a special accident insurance to cover our volunteers whilst working in the office or other related volunteering work – there is a $50 000 limit for any one accident and limits for particular injuries.

3. Public Liability provided to landlords for public halls/rooms at venues where we pay rent.

Notes: We do not cover all members in our policies – only volunteers, tutors and office-bearers.
This information is of general nature only. Specific conditions about any of these policies are available in documents held in the U3A Office.

View and download a Q&A about our insurance provisions.