Privacy Policy

This policy outlines the protection of members and their personal information. 

Scope of Privacy Policy
  1. U3A Sunshine Coast collects personal information from tutors and members including their names, postal and email addresses and phone numbers for the purpose of informing members of U3A activities.
  2. Members who volunteer to assist the organisation may be asked to provide details of their qualifications and experience to the Management Committee; such details however will not be published in any way without the express permission of the individual named.
  3. The Management Committee may reveal such personal information about tutors as is necessary to inform members about relevant courses, unless instructed by tutors not to do so. Where the tutor has requested privacy, access to the personal information of that tutor will be restricted to members of the ManagementCommittee.
  4. The gathering of personal information will be carried out by accessing the organisation’s database or any form that the Management Committee prescribes.
  5. No personal information will be gathered about a person from a second party, unless that person provides written permission.
  6. Disclosure of personal information will be restricted to the primary purpose of conducting classes for members and such other activities as the Management Committee may determine, and maintaining a database of member and tutor information for administration purposes.
  7. Personal information of members will not be made available for any marketing exercise external to the organisation, or for any surveys of any kind.
  8. The total database of members information may be used to make a general appeal to all members inviting them to participate in surveys or other activities approved by the Management Committee.
  9. All reasonable steps will be taken to ensure that the personal information collected is accurate, complete, up- to-date, and that the information is not misused
  10. Access to the database is restricted to persons authorised by the Management Committee.
  11. This policy document will be available on the U3A Sunshine Coast website or obtainable from the office upon request. In addition, all tutors will be informed of this policy.