Social Media Policy

The purpose of this policy is to provide clear guidance on procedures and rules surrounding the content of our Facebook page. It will also apply should U3A Sunshine Coast extend to other social platforms. The policy should be read in context with other U3A Sunshine Coast policies as they relate to presenting appropriate public status of U3A in the community; these policies include Advertising, Anti- discrimination, Code of Conduct, Communication, Privacy, Safety Health and Wellbeing and Unpleasant Communication.

Administration and Content

The final arbiter of the content of our Facebook pages are those appointed as Administrators of the site, however the Administrator/s of the pages can appoint Editors who are responsible along with Administrators for postings to the pages.

All parties are bound by the following rules as well as those contained in the above related policies:

  • Posts need to present U3A SC and its membership in a positive light at all times.
  • Posts should not bring disrepute to other peoples’ reputations or damage other peoples’ feelings.
  • Posts need to be factual and accurate with extra care taken to validate material from external parties.
  • Posts need to recognize that online material is subject to the same legal status as other mediums.
  • Posts must not infringe on the copyright or intellectual property of others. This includes trademarks, logos, names, slogans, text, photos and graphics.
  • Posts will be non-political, and not support commercial ventures or organisations
  • All editors have responsibility for replying to comments on the page and for deleting comments which are incompatible with U3A SC policies.
  • In selecting material for posting priority should be given to publicising U3A SC activities and events; other material could include USC activities, or other not for profit news which would be of interest to our members.
  • If there is doubt about the suitability or legality of a proposed posting, editors are requested to confer with the Communications Officer.

Any breach will be viewed according to circumstances, with a verbal warning given to unintentional breaches, and removal from the Administrator or Editor status for intentional breaches.