Lecture Series

Our premium lectures, broadly encompassing all of Science and the Humanities:

  • Science—the systematic study of humans and their environment
  • The humanities—the study of literature, philosophy, art, etc., as distinguished from the social and physical sciences.

Science, humans and their environment, the humanities. literature, philosophy, art, etc. Our speakers have knowledge and experience, and the ability and willingness to share.

But the subjects our speakers present are not held too closely to these definitions. They are really an assortment of topics on which the presenters have knowledge or experience and the ability and willingness to share with members.

Lectures are held weekly throughout the region. Each lecture lasts about two hours including a refreshment break. The cost per term is $5 and you are able to attend the lectures at any venue. To enrol please contact the class captain at the venue you will normally attend.

New speakers are always needed. Your topic may be covered in one session or spread over two weeks. Audio-visual equipment is available and PowerPoint presentation is encouraged. You will receive all the help that you need.


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