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U3A Sunshine Coast Inc. is a self-help non-profit organization within the Sunshine Coast and hinterland in Queensland, Australia.

Over 2000 members attend a wide range of U3A classes and activities held at locations throughout the local region. Learn more about us.

U3A Sunshine Coast is a foundation member of U3A Network Qld.

U3A has a close relationship with the University of the Sunshine Coast and members can be permitted to “sit-in” on lectures at the University, with negotiation. Our members may also use all facilities of the USC Gym or Pool at student rates. Learn more.

U3A General Meeting Outcome

The U3A Sunshine Coast General Meeting held at USC on Saturday 20th October, was well attended. President Colin Maddocks chaired a lively debate on the one formal Motion, “That U3A Sunshine Coast appoint a paid part time administrator”.
The proposer of the motion and a former President, Jim Hales, reminded the members that the proposed paid part time administrator’s work would be to support the broader organisation, not run the office, nor replace the day leaders and office volunteers. 
After the members voted with a clear majority (40 of the 53 voters) in support of the Motion, the President asked all members to unite in support of the outcome. He advised that the members would be kept informed as the Job Description was further refined and the recruitment process was finalised. 

History Talk about the early pioneers in the Maleny district

Are you interest in hearing about early pioneers in the Maleny district?

U3A History Group have invited Dell Somerville and her husband Mal to tell us about the Burgum Family. The talk is open to everyone interested not just U3A members.

It will be held in the Catholic Church Hall at 1 pm on the Wednesday 24th October.

Contact Jan Reibelt reibelttt@nullbigpond.net.au or phone 0407116929.

Secretary Needed

The current Secretary is resigning for health reasons. If you, or a U3A member you know, are willing to fill this position please contact Colin Maddocks as soon as possible on 0419 810894 or president@nullu3asunshine.org.au

Briefly the Secretary is responsible for managing records; arranging venues and preparing meeting agendas; issuing notices of meetings; taking and distributing Management Committee Minutes; keeping and answering correspondence and keeping the register of members.

Cryptic Crosswords for Beginners

In the course John Oakhill will teach the general structure of cryptic crosswords, the various types of clues, anagrams, charades, containers, deletions, homophones, reversals, double definitions, hidden words, letter play, and how to recognise them. 


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