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U3A Sunshine Coast Inc. is a self-help non-profit organization within the Sunshine Coast and hinterland in Queensland, Australia.

Over 2000 members attend a wide range of U3A classes and activities held at locations throughout the local region. Learn more about us.

U3A Sunshine Coast is a foundation member of U3A Network Qld.

U3A has a close relationship with the University of the Sunshine Coast and members can be permitted to “sit-in” on lectures at the University, with negotiation. Our members may also use all facilities of the USC Gym or Pool at student rates. Learn more.

Notice of Meeting

A GENERAL MEETING will be held 10am Saturday 20 October 2018 in Lecture Room 7 (centre of Building C behind the Café C Coffee Shop), University of the Sunshine Coast

For all documents, click on General Meeting October 2018.  This webpage can also be accessed through the WHAT’S NEW? drop down menu above.

Caloundra Lecture Group Captain Needed

Someone is needed to take over this interesting and important volunteer position from the start of 2019. The current captain is retiring at the end of 2018. It would be best to get a feel for the work involved this term. Contact Lyn Lovell 0421 853 007 or lynlovell@nullgmail.com for more information.

Michele’s back!

Aren’t we lucky!

In term 4 Michele Mycock continues her entertaining and thought provoking series on English royalty with The Conqueror’s Successors about the successors to William the Conqueror.

Students of Michele’s previous courses are sure to enrol but there is plenty of room for new people

The Legacy of Genghis Khan

Born Temujin, later to be Genghis Khan, this nomadic Mongolian united the Mongolian tribes into a fierce war machine. Under his leadership and that of his descendants, the Mongol armies created an empire larger than that of the Romans. Although the empire was short lived, the impact of its creation influences modern day events.

Don’t miss Lee Myers’s presentation at your local lecture group in term 4.


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