Acting President’s Message – April eVoice 2020





Dear Members,
                                  In 1959, John F. Kennedy wrote that the Chinese word ‘Crisis’ is composed of two characters, one represents danger and one represents opportunity.  Today, in the year 2020, facing such an incredible danger, we have been given a remarkable opportunity to put our slogan “Live, Laugh – and Learn” to the test.

Video Conferencing
For Term 2, Wayne Curran, our Course Coordinator, is offering all our tutors the opportunity to replace their usual ‘face to face’ classes and either film their presentations via YouTube or go on line to meet up with their enrolled students, using Zoom or any other preferred platform, such as Lifesize.  For more information on these video conferencing apps please go to Zoom and Lifesize websites.

Tutor Brian Lavery has already used Lifesize for his Book Club students, who say they enjoyed their first experience of the medium.

Myra Timmerman, one of our most experienced tutors, and one of seven Life Membership nominees this year, is already investigating using YouTube or Zoom to instruct her hundreds of yoga students.

Discussion groups will really enjoy the Zoom platform, which comes with mute buttons except for those who are ‘holding the floor’ and a ‘share’ button where students can type in their questions to the tutor.

Members of the Management Committee (MC) are currently testing the Zoom meeting system and developing easy to follow instruction sheets for our tutors and members to use. And the MC will hold their April monthly meeting online.

Once up and running, tutors will be able to notify their enrolled class members by email, supplying them with the class time, the URL (WWW) address, and a password. Members will simply click on the emailed URL on their computers at the advised time, and enter the supplied password to join their class.

There is no need for our members to install the Zoom program on their own computers as they simply follow the information given in their tutor’s email.

There will be no charge to any of our students to join their class if it is offered on line because there are no venue hire fees, and in Semester 2, venue payments already made this semester will be ‘rolled over’ to reduce course costs for ‘face-to-face’ classes. 

Perhaps it will also be possible for those members who were wait-listed for courses, to join ‘online’?

I look forward to catching up with some of you ‘online’. In the meantime, look after yourselves, and your loved ones, and stay safe. 


Glyni Cumming

Never stop learning!