AGM 2019

The 2019 U3A Sunshine Coast Annual General Meeting will be held from 10am to midday on Saturday 27 April at the University of the Sunshine Coast, Lecture Room 7, ‘B’ Block.

Revised Constitution – Review Period

At the AGM, the Management Committee is recommending a special resolution to update our current Constitution/Rules with a revised version. Members please review the draft updated Constitution until 29 March. If any member has a question, a concern or seeks clarification about any specific clause, they should email the secretary,

Nominations for the Management Committee

All Management Committee positions are to be filled at the AGM. Nominations for positions are to be on the approved form (click here for the PDF version; click here for the MSWord version) and sent to the Secretary by Friday 29 March.

All nominees for committee positions are requested to provide a short biography of no more than 150 words.

Motions for the AGM

Friday 29 March is the closing date for receipt of Motions, including any motions of amendment to the draft updated Constitution. Motions are to be sent to the secretary, using the appropriate form (click here for the PDF version; click here for the MSWord version). Please remember: motions should be accurate, specific, concise and logical, in other words, clear statements, and require a proposer and seconder.

On Friday 5 April the agenda, motions and related AGM materials will be sent to members and posted on this website soon thereafter.


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