Bernadette Moore appointed to Management Committee

This is the first communication from myself, Bernadette Moore, to the more than 2,100 members of U3A Sunshine Coast.

I have been recently appointed to the management committee of the organisation and as part of that appointment have been asked to take on the membership portfolio banner. This is a new role in the committee and so we are discussing what are the potential duties of this role that would value add to the organisation.

There seem to be several possible components of the role. On the broadest level this role will take responsibility for trying to map some of the trends in membership. This data should help future planning of issues such as course topics, models of course delivery and course locations.

Secondly, underpinning an organisation of this complexity need to be foundational policies and practices. This role will work in collaboration with other members of the management committee to ensure equitable and safe policies shape all organisational practices.

Finally, but perhaps most importantly it is hoped that this role will provide a direct communication channel between members and the management committee.

We are interested in hearing your voices and opinions. Your experiences positive and negative are essential in growing the strength of the organisation. So, my job is also to be available, to listen to your thoughts and to share your experiences with the committee.

If you want to get in touch please feel free to contact me either by email on or give me a ring on 0417374286. If I don’t answer leave a message and I will get back to you.

Looking forward to a year of getting to know you and your thoughts