Book Review – The Broken Shore

“The Broken Shore” by Peter Temple – 7

                Reviewed by Steve Reilly


I enjoyed this book. Long time since I’ve read a crime novel. For me, a good measure is if I look forward to getting back to the book in the evening. And with this one I did. I like Peter Temple’s writing style; his dialogue is crisp and natural, his sentences easy to read, his turn of phrase interesting and often unexpected. His descriptions are very well written, really puts you in the scene, however on occasion, even as I enjoyed the description, I found myself thinking he should get on with the story. Some would say it was slow, but I enjoyed reading his writing, so I’ll go with; The story unfolded at a leisurely pace. That is until the last few chapters when everything came in a rush.


The conclusion, the reveal, put me in mind of a 1996 movie called “Sleepers” where some lads were brutalised in an institution and then, years later, in a chance encounter, they found themselves in the company of their lead abuser. Interesting movie – worth a watch (available on Google Play).


I’ll be looking for more of Peter Temple’s work.


The action on page 106 is well done.


An aside: Peter wrote this book 15 years ago and he has a few of his characters present with really racist utterances. I know it’s not Peter but his characters speaking and that really is how some people talk. But I wonder if he could get away with that now.


Steve Reilly