Bursary Awardees say “thank you”

Caitlyn Hockam (pictured above) is completing her second year of full-time study in the Bachelor of Primary Education, and was very pleased to be awarded the one of the bursaries.

“I am passionate about the education of young people and believe that the gift of education is priceless,” Caitlyn said.

“I cannot wait to graduate in two-year’s time and inspire inclusion, engagement and participation within my classroom, to empower students to achieve their future aspirations.”

Samantha Vollmer, a 29 year-old widowed single parent said she wanted to attend the AGM as “I wanted to shake each and every one of your hands in gratitude for being awarded this scholarship.

“I am currently in my final year of a Bachelor of Nursing Science, with only final placements left to undertake. My ultimate goal though is to work in some capacity whether as a doctor or nurse practitioner in geriatric medicine with a focus on holistic primary care and education.

“Receiving this bursary allows me to remain focused on my goals. I have earmarked it to help pay the gap fee at my daughter’s day care to ensure I have sufficient care for her while on my final placements. The bursary will cover the 12 weeks of day care required whilst on my final placement.

Sam Turnbull is a third-year student completing a bachelor of business/bachelor of commerce at USC. “While every semester has come with its struggles and challenges, 2020 and the ongoing pandemic has presented unique economic and social problems that have impacted my education and home life,” Sam said.

“The increased reliance on travel and university resources arose from issues with my computer, forcing me to rely on university machines which meant more time away from my family and late nights in USC computer labs.

“The costs of fuel and maintenance weren’t convenient but the social isolation proved challenging: reduced access to lecturers and days where I see any friends or family. This experience, however, forced me to become more independent both as a student and in general.

“Through necessity I have developed a greater inner strength and with the confidence that U3A has mitigated my financial difficulties I have been able to maintain my academic performance and am now happily studying from home with my newly repaired laptop.”