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Update on U3A’s COVID Safe Commitment and Risk Assessment

      COVID Safe Update for Members

Dear Members,

                                    Queensland Health has revised the number of people able to meet together (down to 30 people  at any one time) in unrestricted areas of the state. Sunshine Coast is on the unrestricted list. However, if facilities have a COVID Safe Plan then the arrangements under Stage 3 remain in place.

Our larger activities, especially our “sporting activities” are carried out in Council facilities which are covered by COVID Safety Plans. U3A has also provide our COVID Safe Commitment and Risk Assessment for each facility.

It is also important that I remind members to take care and stay safe. Remember to practise social distancing, hand sanitising often and avoid close contact. If you are experiencing flu like symptoms you should not attend your activity and get yourself tested.

Revisit our COVID Safe Brochure to remind yourself of your responsibilities when you attend classes to stay safe. A copy of the brochure may be downloaded here.
Thank you and regards
Dawne Clark

New Policy Documents

In February 2019 the U3A Sunshine Coast Management Committee produced 2 new policy documents and these are now on this website. The Code of Conduct is an updated policy. Click on the document titles below to read them

Code of Conduct including Grievance Policy and Procedure

Safety, Health and Wellbeing Policy and Procedures

They can also be accessed by clicking on their titles in the dark blue bar at the bottom of a website page.