Congratulations for 25 Years membership

At our annual Tutors and Volunteers Luncheon certificates were presented for 25 years membership of U3A:

Jillian Markwell plays table tennis, assists with Aquasize, and is secretary for the choir. Jill has especially asked us to find a piano accompanist for the choir, as our 5th 25-year member, Peter Williams, is not able to continue with the workload involved.

Barbara Searle is a former SATH lecturer, a Class Coordinator for four years but now she just enjoys being a member.

Judith Hume has been a class coordinator, a member of our Management Committee, a choir member, took our computer classes and was a convener of our Book groups. 

Karin Svensson was unable to be present; however, she describes us as “a marvelous organization” and she has enjoyed being a member of a variety of courses such a Feldenkrais, yoga, history, geography, music, and swimming. 

Photo above: Judy Hume, Jillian Markwell and Barbara Searle with Tutors Coordinator Wayne Curran.