New Lectures – Term 1 2020

Dr Mary Garden – Sundowner of the Skies – The Story of Oscar Garden, the forgotten aviator – Maleny Tuesday 4 February – will be one of our new lecturers during 2020.  The extraordinary story of her father, Oscar Garden , with just 39 hours flying experience, is remarkable and historically significant.

Nick Stroud has said that the time for his name to join those of his illustrious pioneering contemporaries – including Charles Kingsford Smith, Bert Hinkler, Amy Johnson and Jean Batten – is long overdue.

Paul Ryan  – An Itinerant Forester – Maleny 18 February
My experience starts in PNG, where I grew up; then includes tales from Costa Rica, where the snakes and rain made life interesting in the forest; Burma, where I worked for a year in 1977 on developing their forest management; Afghanistan, where I was faced with raising fuelwood woodlots in arid conditions; the Philippines and an introduction to social forestry; several African countries that weren’t always friendly, but included Tanzania where I introduced a form of community management of forests; Bhutan where the concept of Shangrila didn’t meet our expectations when it came to traveling across country;  then on to India for more community forest management; Bangladesh, where they were planting mangroves to extent the country into the Bay of Bengal and help mitigate the effects of cyclone storm surges; and Nepal with their community management of forests.  In the process I joined the World Bank as a Forestry Specialist, after working for it as a consultant for some years, and that in itself is an interesting experience.   

The talk would be about personal and sometimes unusual experiences as well as cover some interesting socio/cultural and forestry topics with which I was involved.

Peter Benkendorff – Cement Production – Mudjimba 20 February and USC 17 March
I have had an intention of writing a book about the history of cement production Australia. I have given some presentation on this including to an Australian Mining History Association conference. I have quite a few photos and illustrations. I recall giving presentations to U3A on ancient construction material but can not remember if I gave one on modern materials.

Karl Tietze – The Goldfish Bowl – Nambour 26 February and Caloundra 18 March
Karl’s background is in electronics, computing, and telecommunications maintenance requiring system analysis skills.  Basically, this is a talk about computer and internet safety (or the lack of same) 

Lidia Kardos – A Boy from Zara – The Rebuilding of Croatia
 Maleny 3 March and Nambour 18 March
This is a story of a boy, Joechim, and his family living in Istria before and during the Croatian War of Independence (1991-1995).  As background Lidia masterfully explains the troubled history of the region in World War II when it was part of Italy, and the subsequent civil war with Yugoslavia and the renaming of the city of Zara to Zadar in 1947.

Dr Ken Lynn –  Exploring the Ocean Depths – Nambour 25 March
Born in 1940 and educated in Brisbane schools with a B.Sc, MSc. and Ph.D. in physics from the University of Queensland (1973). His PhD was on the propagation of Very Low Frequency (VLF) radio waves via the ionosphere which included the effects of solar x-ray flares. Ken worked in a large laboratory area (now Defence Science and Technology Group) of the Department of Defence in Salisbury, South Australia until retirement as a Principal Research Scientist in 1997. Fields of research covered radio astronomy, radio navigation, radiowave propagation via the ionosphere and ionospheric physics in general. Subsequently Ken has worked for many years as a private contractor to the Department of Defence in support of the Australian Over-The-Horizon radar system as well continuing with private research. He has been able to continue working and publishing in retirement because he can write his own unique computer software and has continuing access to ionospheric data.

Andrew Edmonds – Cyber Awareness – Lessons from recent phone scams – all venues
Andrew has been working with the Institute of Cyber Investigations and Forensics for the last year, and will present at each of our 5 venues during Term 1.  Check the website for details of a lecture near you.

During a 3 month period from September to November 2019, Andrew has been assisting victims of fraud, theft and deception due to an online incident. Usually the people he helps have given remote access to their computer to a caller who claimed to represent the ATO, Telstra, NBN, Australia Post and others. Andrew will be sharing his insights after having made over 70 calls to people who thought it could never happen to them.

Lee Myers – Albert Namatjira – all venues
Albert Namatjira, was a pioneer of contemporary Indigenous Australian art, he was the most famous Indigenous Australian of his generation