Book Review – End Game, Tipping Point for Planet Earth? by AD Barnosky and EA Hadly

Climate change seems to have become a new religion with true believers brooking no discussion. Presentations seem to be loaded with “facts”. If you ask a question you are likely to be immediately branded a denier.

If you are interested in our planet’s future and want to read a reasoned, well written, discussion of the issues, many of which could fall under the “climate change” banner, this book is for you. You certainly do not need to be a committed climate change believer.

Each chapter starts with a story of a personal experience relevant to the chapter’s subject matter. Chapters 2 to 9 each deal with one issue – People, Stuff, Storms, Hunger, Thirst, Toxins, Disease, War – exploring the current situation and where they think the earth is heading. The final chapter, End Game, brings it all together.

The book is a considered call for action. I was impressed with this book, written well by a couple who are paleobiologists, both professors at universities in California. They clearly set out what they see as the problems for our planet that could cause future devastation, backing their arguments with just enough statistics from reliable sources. I liked that they do not shy away from saying one of the problems is the number of people, and another is the mining and extraction of metals used in the construction of, among other things, electric cars and wind turbines.

My thanks to Garry for bringing this book to my attention.

Brian Holliday