Book Review – Force of Nature by Jane Harper

Our first book for 2018.

As I’ve said before, I always kick off with a 9 in mind and start reading the first page full of hope and enthusiasm. So … I was a little disappointed with “Force of Nature” but not hugely so. I found it to be a competently written work with a good flow of words but with no ‘wow’ passages. I thought the flashback technique was well handled and at no time did I feel confused. Jane Harper did take me into the bush and let me experience the wet and the cold. Yes, it was a page turner but not one of the great crime thrillers (Jo Nesbo’s “The Snowman” or Donald James’ “Monstrum” for instance). In the end, who did what to whom turned out to be fairly mundane. The subplot – the father son relationship – turned out to be just plain ordinary. I’ll push it to a 6. I have ordered Jane’s “The Dry” to see what the fuss was all about.

Steve Reilly