Book Review – Open by Andre Agassi

This autobiography allows a vision of the tennis scene from an internal viewpoint. An all too familiar tale of a parent determined to sculpt a life for his children and the consequent turmoil this can create.

The long term effects of this domineering parent created some ongoing problems and a lot of mental negativity

The author spares little as he attempts to chronicle his life and to recognise the positive and negative influences of this erratic lifestyle.

The story appears to pull no punches as it describes the lifestyle and the seesaw of emotions on the tennis circuit and the limited human contacts between players as they focus on their performance.

This is not an easy read as although the words are simple understanding the lifestyle of the main characters is outside the comprehension of this reader and appears somewhat artificial and unrealistic.

 I would rate it as 8 as it appears to be a warts and all expose of one sportsman’s journey through an unusual lifestyle

Lindsay Robertson