Book Review – The Invention of Wings By Sue Monk Kidd

An extraordinary story with the raw emotions of the main characters reaching to the heart.

 I started this book with high hopes having read other books by the same author and at first it held up to my expectations, however as I read more and more of the book I found it a little disjointed in parts. The tale highlights the extraordinary mindset of the pro slavery folk and provides insight into the difficult decisions of those, who, entrenched in their society did not approve of slavery but found it necessary to remain quiet.

I would recommend this book to anyone as although it has flaws in its continuity and flow it is still a great read.

 I rate it as 6.5

Lindsay Robertson

I enjoyed reading this book from the point of view of the history of that time and place, however I found the read a bit tedious overall, the story too drawn out. The descriptions of punishments handed out to slaves made me shudder. Sue Kidd’s turn of phrase and unique descriptive words put life into the work but much of the telling of the story was pedestrian. And then it ended suddenly. I wanted to know how Handful got on in Pennsylvania. I gave it a 5.

Steve Reilly