Book Review – We Made it! Australia at Last by Eric Wynter

We Made it! Australia at Last chronicles the experiences of an English person who lived 10 years in Australia. Not so extraordinary, you might think, but Eric and his wife were around 70 when they decided to move to Australia for an extended time, and they chose to live on the Sunshine Coast where they knew no one. From there they visited much of Australia and New Zealand; they undoubtedly saw more of the countries than most Australians have. So you can expect a tale told by someone with an enquiring mind and a love of interactions with other people, who delights in the science behind what they saw and in discovering the relationships among people.

I think this book would be of most interest to people in the UK, or other parts of Europe. This is because I would hope that most of what Eric writes about Australia and New Zealand would be familiar to Australians, though it would be a very rare person who would not learn something about our part of the world from Eric’s book. Also the comparisons made to parts of the UK are lost on people like me who are not intimately familiar with that country.

Eric writes well, and entertainingly. That is not a surprise to those of us who knew him through U3A Sunshine Coast; the talks he gave to us were always interesting and amusing. He was also a valuable member of the management committee for several years. [U3A gets a plug in Chapter 19.]

Brian Holliday

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