I Hate Computers Course

    I Hate Computers

You haven’t used computers before? You have been avoiding them? Afraid you might break it if you touch it? They’re not what you grew up with and you haven’t needed one? Don’t know how to start?

This class is for the total (adult) beginner. We will start assuming nothing and no question about computers will be considered too basic. You don’t even need to bring a PC. ( But you can)

Some to the topics covered will include:
 How do I turn a computer on properly.
 Keyboard and mouse skills.
 What are “windows”, the internet, surfing and google.
 Can I join email or facebook or buy things on ebay.
     Printing, storing my photos and computer safety.
             Plus much more.

Brian Lavery is offering this course commencing Tuesday 23 July to be held at the U3A Computer Room. To find out more details or to enroll, please ring the U3A office on 5430 1123. Alternatively you can get your kids or grandkids to go online and view details of the class on this website.