Jane Shamrock

Jane was a clinical occupational therapist for many years in New Zealand, NSW and Queensland. She completed the four Feldenkrais Professional Training Programme in 1993 and that allowed her to shift her understanding of what people need, to move around and live in their world, regardless of their abilities.
As a result of that understanding Jane was able to work in East Timor in a range of projects, mostly teaching disability workers and health workers how to care for people with disabilities in the challenging environment of a tropical developing country. Actually she first visited Portuguese Timor in 1972 and watched from the sidelines with horror as the country was occupied by Indonesia for 26 years. Jane’s period of work was since the end of the occupation in 2000.
Jane completed a PhD on the ‘lived experience’ of physical disability in East Timor in 2016 with the intention of having a deeper understanding of how people with disabilities manage their lives in circumstances very different to our culture and our cultural expectations.  She hopes to be able to continue to contribute to the changes gradually happening in that country which enable people with disabilities to participate more readily in mainstream society.
Following is a link to the USC Research Bank website: http://research.usc.edu.au/vital/access/manager/Repository/usc:20705?queryType=vitalDismax&query=East+Timor
And Jane had won a University of the Sunshine Coast competition for her engaging presentation on her planned research:
Meanwhile Jane also thoroughly enjoys sharing the Feldenkrais approach to human movement in U3A. She see the Feldenkrais Method as a way for people to understand more about their own innate capacity to move easily – she sees this as particularly important as we outsource more and more of our lives!
Jane presented two workshops with a colleague in the last Woodford Festival based on the Feldenkrais Method and they were invited to join in a rather unnerving gig with two comedians and a skeleton at the famous ‘Bill’s Bar’.
Jane is also keen to keep up her momentum as a self-styled ‘extreme walker’. This simply means that she is keen to do long and interesting walks. Humble beginnings include the Larapinta trail in central Australia, the Thorston trail on Hinchinbrook island, the Overland trail in Tassie and a foray into East Timor. More walks are being planned!