Lecture – Ice core drilling by Bloo Campbell

Bloo has participated in 7 Antarctic expeditions as a Senior Mechanical Supervisor, Diesel Fitter / Aircraft Ground Support Officer, first commencing with the Australian Antarctic Division in 2002. He has been to Casey, Davis, Mawson and Macquarie Island Antarctic bases and has participated in deep field expeditions to Law Dome, Aurora Basin North and Mount Brown South as well as being involved in the construction of Australia’s only ice runway at Wilkins Airfield, some 65 Km inland from Casey Station.¬† Bloo has traveled to and from Antarctica both by ship and aircraft and during these expeditions he has stayed for a duration of Summer, Winter, Summer for a stint of some 450+ days at Casey Station during his first expedition.

His presentation is in the form of a power point, which encompasses many photographs taken by himself in Antarctica. Bloo generally talks through the power point, discussing each photograph as it is displayed. He also has a 20 minute video production which he has made in the field over this last summer (Oct 2017 РFeb 2018) which outlines a deep field expedition to Mount Brown South which is approximately 180 nautical miles inland to the east of Davis Station. Bloo also has a power point presentation from an expedition to Aurora Basin which he took part in during the 2013-14 summer. Both of these presentations outline the logistics involved and the conditions experienced during ice core drilling expeditions in support of scientific research of both global warming and pollution of the atmosphere.