Lecture – Parkinson’s Specialist Nurse Practitioners in the mainstream by Nikki Creber

Day-to-day living becomes so difficult for the those with Parkinson’s, their carers and their families. With the achievement of attaining a fully-funded, community-based Parkinson’s Support Nurse for our health region, living with Parkinson’s can be made just a little simpler. One of the most debilitating symptoms with Parkinson’s is loss of your former life and loss of connection with others and a Parkinson’s Nurse can make all the difference as can your local Parkinson’s Support group and a Parkinson’s Coach like me – it is all about connecting with others and using it or losing it: keep moving and keep your mobility, keep thinking and problem solving and keep the neurological processes viable. We believe this position is a first for Queensland and is terribly exciting. Let’s explore in more depth these issues for those living with Parkinson’s and how exactly assistance can help!