Lecture – The Kimberley: Australia’s north-west frontier by Ken Granger

In this lecture Ken Granger traces the 1.8 billion year history of the Kimberley region of Western Australia. In doing this he explores the evolution of its landscapes, the arrival of the first human settlers and their cultures as evident from the sequences of rock art found today across the area. He goes on to look at the first European exploration and settlements, the ensuing frontier wars and the dispossession of the Aboriginal peoples. He examines the role that the area has played in the defence of Australia and its role as the potential future food bowl of Asia. 

Ken is a professional geographer and first visited the Kimberley in 1989 while undertaking a study of the strategic military geography of Australia’s top end for the Defence Department. Since then he has visited the area three more times and regards it as one of the most incredible places in Australia.