Lecture – The Pumicestone Passage by Ken Mewburn and Helen Crook

Ken has lived on the Sunshine Coast for only the last 18 years. He has become interested and involved in community issues and the Passage. He is at this time the President of a local community NFP group called TAPP (Take Action for Pumicestone Passage)Inc. which was created in response to community concerns over the development of Caloundra South, (AURA) when it was called in by the Government under the control of the ULDA. This would take away community involvement. This development had the potential for adverse impacts on the Passage and the community in general. Through the involvement of TAPP and other local community groups, AURA now has more community input and involvement than any other development on the Sunshine Coast. It is a story that closely intertwines with that of the Passage itself and demonstrates a developing awareness of the management of growth in the catchment.

Ken spent 25 years with Shell working through to Manager of the Mascot operation, a position he held for 12 years. Shell paid him out then re-employed him as a consultant for the following five years. During his time with Shell, he became very interested in the environmental impact created by fuelling installations and operations and committed a lot of time to finding solutions to many of the problems created by these operations. When he retired to the Sunshine Coast in 2000, it was easy to become interested and involved in local issues and community organisations. It was the result of these involvements that he had the opportunity to be a founding member of TAPP Inc. His presentation is a Power Point information package about Pumicestone Passage. It is basically the answer to many of the questions asked by people when they talk about the Passage. It covers a basic geological history and the reason it is important, the risks imposed by human and natural impacts and what we can do about them. Some of the information will be common knowledge to people who live here, however, he has not yet found an audience that did not find something new and it will open the door for discussion.

The photo shows Helen in a typical situation, collecting rubbish along Golden Beach

Helen was born in an air raid shelter in the back yard of her Grandparents home in Manchester in England during the war. These simple beginnings and her Grandparents mentoring prepared her for her lfe ahead. Her parents, with Helen and her two siblings, migrated to Australia in 1952 and her Grandparents followed in 1954. Helen grew up with a passion for not wasting anything so the “war on waste” has always been part of her life.

Helen will speak about her passion, the elimination of waste. When the 3R’s or the 4R’s etc were being spoken of, she had already been embracing the practice for her lifetime. Helen will provide tips on how to REDUCE, RE-USE and RECYCLE with emphasis on REDUCE.