Tutors turn to video technology






With current restrictions on people gathering in groups and, consequently, the suspension of attendance classes our wonderful U3A tutors have embraced videoconferencing as a means of continuing the education and training for members.

Wayne Curran, our Tutors and Courses Coordinator, said the increasing number of classes now using the Zoom and Lifesize video applications shows that tutors and participants alike won’t be held back by COVID-19.

Wayne has contacted tutors and encouraged even more take-up of online classes, ushering in a practical alternative to the classroom.

“At this stage we cannot foresee the reinstatement of face to face classes soon; most probably not until the commencement of Semester 2, subject to governmental guidelines of course,” he said.

“We have a number of classes that are currently being held via videoconferencing or are due to start in the next couple of weeks.”

The list so far follows:

Spanish Beginners (two classes)                               Brian Morgan
Latin Intermediate                                                     Helen Partick
German Conversation, Advanced                            Rolf Grob
German Intermediate                                                Karin Leivesley
German Beginners                                                     Sylvia Hovey
French Intermediate A, Advanced Beginners         Patricia Barry
Yoga, Chair Yoga, Tai Chi (seven classes)                 Myra Timmerman
Tap Dancing                                                                Pamela Woodrow
Maroochy Reviewers Book Group                            Brian Lavery
The Devil’s Playground                                              Brian Lavery
Philosophy Discussion Group                                   Petrina Daniel
Golf at Beerwah Golf Club                                        Graham Whyte
Tablets and Smartphones                                          Cathy Ewald
Historical Personalities                                              Catherine Foley
The World and its Nations                                        Catherine Foley
Rediscover the Classics                                             Catherine Foley
Russian Alphabet and Pronunciation                       Tom Holden
Russian: Beginners                                                     Tom Holden
Russian: Intermediate                                                Tom Holden
Ukulele: Very Beginners                                            Helen Lewis-Peel
Grafx Video Creations                                               Steve Ormerod
Introduction to Human Biology                                Alex Crandon