Students’ view on home study and back to classrooms

Here are Year 9 students’ responses to questions about studying at home and returning to formal classes at school. 

Studying at home

• The teachers made it fun
• Was awesome to be able to eat noodles whenever I wanted
• The teachers had us learning in new ways
• I could not wait to see everyone again in the next zoom lesson
• My brother and I got more computer time
• We learnt lots of new skills on the computer
• Eating whenever I wanted to (most popular response)
• Had extra time to sleep in, have a swim or go for a run
• Was easier to do the schoolwork at my own pace and when I wanted to

Returning to school classrooms

• So glad to see my teachers again
• Friends, friends, friends….
• Fun catching up with everyone
• I am happy
• It feels good to be back in a normal routine
• Doing Industrial Technology – can’t do that stuff at home
• There are more and different things to do in class than at home
• Friends: being together is so much more fun than looking at each other on a screen
• Love being able to go out every day, even if it is to school

And the parents’ view?

“We can’t wait” and “I am counting the days…”