Information regarding the suspension of U3A Classes

Sunday, 15 March 2020

Coronavirus Pandemic

Dear Members,
                                   Following the lead of U3A Brisbane, and the advice received from some medical members, U3A Sunshine Coast is taking the extreme step of ceasing all classes for the next fortnight and then into the Easter holiday break after which the situation will be reviewed. 

About four of our tutors have already cancelled their classes. This Coronavirus has taken centre stage and leaves us with no choice but to stop all classes if we wish to protect your safety.

I am currently in New Zealand, and as of midnight tonight, anyone arriving in this country, with only half a dozen cases of illness, must go into immediate isolation for two weeks to prevent the disease from spreading.

When we do return home, PM Scott Morrison has called on all arrivals go into self-isolation for two weeks to prevent the disease from spreading.

When my sister returns home to America, she will find day care centres, schools, businesses, libraries, churches, and meetings of all types closed to prevent the disease from spreading.

Although I know some of you are passionate about your classes, the Coronavirus loves people being in close proximity with each other, it thrives on physical contact and apparently can live on touched surfaces for up to 3 days.

Cancelling all our classes now will give the Management Committee several weeks, of both term and holiday time, to assess the threat of contagion before Term 2 commences. 

So despite our angst, and because we love you all, I am asking you to accept this decision with grace and gratitude. 


Glyni Cumming

Acting President – University of the Third Age (U3A) Sunshine Coast Inc.

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