Travel Chat update

by Ruth Fiechtner, Travel Chat Leader

The Caloundra Travel Chat group resumed in early August after the Covid shutdown, with six enjoyable presentations this term.

Our fabulous destinations included Kazakhstan & Mongolia with Gwyn Jarrott,  Scotland its glorious islands including other parts of Britain beautifully presented by our past leader Leanne McCauley and ever exciting Antartica with Bloo Campbell, Heron Island presented by Kathy McGowan including holiday options in Queensland during border closures. To end the term, we will take a look at the places we travelled to before and after Covid-19, with Jeff Gunns showing how our world has changed. 
Our new Venue in the CWA hall in Caloundra (opposite IGA & PO) has proved to be very popular indeed. The  Caloundra library gave us many years of valuable meeting space and assistance but Covid forced our move to the CWA hall, just up the street.

Our numbers may have been restricted but our larger venue means we can all safely socially distance. The CWA hall convenor is also delighted at their added revenue from three U3a groups now using the premises.

The absence of tourists, for our avid travellers to wildlife destinations has changed vastly, with poaching sadly increased in some countries due to the absence of tourists, and some creatures taking advantage of no tourists so they wander more freely into built-up areas. 

We have an exciting trip  booked for St Helena Is (overseas! haha!) during the upcoming U3A recess. This trip was rescheduled due to shutdown. We still have an exciting list of destinations lined up for Term 4 both in Australia and overseas. 

The photo shows our members enjoying a presentation at our new large spaced venue in the CWA hall & Leanne McCauley telling tales of British pubs.