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Nomination for Life Membership at U3A Sunshine Coast

The Management Committee of U3A Sunshine Coast has updated the Bylaw policy for nominating Life Membership.  The updated Bylaw policy can be seen here:
The Nomination Form is available here:
The links to these two documents will expire in 2 months, but the documents will still be available from the U3A Office.

Book Review – Hand Me Down World

Hand Me Down World

By Lloyd Jones

Enraptured from the first page. This author will be on my must read list as his style paints word pictures that are clear and yet the tale is opaque enough to add a little mystery.

Story telling by the third person we expect but this is just the second remove and the development of the main character is superb.

Just a touch from each of the influencers in this remarkable journey through life has painted a personality rather than just a physical being. The reader still has no idea what this attractive woman looks like or what her given name is and yet she lives and breathes and is real.

The author paints each of the participants clearly as personalities rather than people and the story hold together extremely well

I hesitate between an all-time high of 8 and 7.5 so take your pick

Page reference Chapter 8 Page 59 is one of many

Par B ‘In this park” to the end of that paragraph.

Lindsay Robertson

Volunteers wanted for USC Nursing

USC needs volunteers for nursing simulations in September. Nursing students greatly benefit from dealing with real people in fictitious situations. U3A people have been such “patients” for many years.

Please check your details!

It is important that
U3A has your current
contact details.

Lectures – New Topics in Term 3

Gregory James – Detective
Susie Duncan – The Significance of Wildlife Corridors in a Time of Climate Change
Sam Bateman –Looking West – Australia and the Indian Ocean
Ken Granger – Some Volcanoes I Have Met
Bob Railton – Pride and Prejudice: Our Convict Ancestors – Petty Thieves or Hardened Criminals?
Ian Mansfield – Stepping into a Minefield
Dr Ken Lynn – The Women Scientists Who Made a Difference
Amanda Cole – Women in Music
Moira Mac – Epigenetics
Syd Kirkby – Australia’s Frozen Frontier

How to print your Name Badge



Extra Pickleball Class

Due the overwhelming popularity of our Pickleball class, an extra class is starting in the Second Semester. This will be held at the Caloundra Indoor Stadium on Tuesdays. https://u3asunshine.org.au/www/extra-pickleball-class/ 

Book Review – Open by Andre Agassi

Lindsay Robertson rates this book as 8 as it appears to be a warts and all expose of one sportsman’s journey through an unusual lifestyle. Click  to read Lindsay’s review of the book.



Anti-Discrimination Policy

In March 2019 the U3A Sunshine Coast Management Committee produced an Anti-Discrimination Policy and Procedures (click on the document title).

It can also be accessed by clicking on the title in the dark blue bar at the bottom of a website page.

Advanced Spanish Class

This class is for people who have had significant past training or practical experience in Spanish. There will be a focus on Spanish conversation at an advanced level.  Please go to View Courses on this website for more details.

Contact the tutor before enrolling in the class.


The President announced on 23 February 2019 that Joanna (Jo) Evans had been appointed to the Administration Officer position. Jo will support the broader organisation and complement the work of all our wonderful volunteers.

New Policy Documents

In February 2019 the U3A Sunshine Coast Management Committee produced 2 new policy documents and these are now on this website. The Code of Conduct is an updated policy. Click on the document titles below to read them

Code of Conduct including Grievance Policy and Procedure

Safety, Health and Wellbeing Policy and Procedures

They can also be accessed by clicking on their titles in the dark blue bar at the bottom of a website page.




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